Signup for 2022 Draper Days Park Vendor

Booth Prices

Booth price is $400 for a 10x10 space, canopy with sides, 1 table and 2 chairs. Non-profit booths are $250 each. See the Vendor Manual for details on refunds. Power is available on a limited number of booths for an additional $50.

Describe the booth and the services or items that will be sold.

Single Event Business License and Deposit

After your application is received and reviewed, you will be charged $20 for a non-refundable Single Event Business License. We will send you a link to fill out the SEBL online form. You will also be charged $50 for a non-refundable cleaning deposit. Once you have paid for the $20 SEBL and the $50 deposit, and we have received your online SEBL form, you will be sent a link to select your booth location.


By submitting an application, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Vendor Manual.